DC Library Science Degrees

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School Program ALA Accredited?
Syracuse University Online MS in Library and Information Science
St. John's University Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
University of Denver Master of Library and Information Science

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Only one Master's degree in Library and Information Science is available in the Washington DC area. This is distributed through the Catholic University of America. The American Library Association (ALA) has verified the program to meet high educational standards and courses are available both online and on-campus.

Are There Online Library Science Degrees in Washington DC?

Yes, there are online library science programs in Washington DC. The Catholic University of America features a Master's degree in library science that is accredited by the ALA and is fully offered online. There is no requirement to meet on campus to complete coursework or any other degree requirements. A required practicum may be completed in Washington DC or at the student's own residency.

Consider a Featured Online Library Program Taking Applications

School Level Program
Syracuse University
Master Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply.
St. John's University
Master Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited. Complete in as little as 2 years.
University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science
ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required.
University of Washington
Master Online Master of Science in Information Management
Information School. Now offered full-time or part-time.
Lindenwood University
Master Online Master of Arts Education - Library Media and Technology Specialization
Emphasis in Library Media & Technology.
East Central University
Master Master of Education in Library Media
Readies working educators to sit for their librarian exam and become school library media specialist in grades PK-12

Finding ALA Accredited MLS PRograms

Having ALA accreditation means that the program has been validated with a strong curriculum. Students that go through an ALA accredited MLIS program will gain competence in teaching ability, media center collection and organization, and ethical issues. Faculty members they work with have professional librarian experience in different industries and levels of government.

School librarian positions in DC require a certification distributed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. Individuals apply online through the Educator Credential Information System. A Bachelor's degree is needed along with at least one of the following: two years of professional experience, passing of a teaching credential exam, or licensure from a different state.

List of the best campus-based and online CAEP, AASL, or ALA-Accredited library science degrees in DC

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

Catholic University of America

Dual Degree ALA Campus

Catholic University of America

Graduate Certificate ALA Campus

Catholic University of America

Masters in Library Science ALA Campus

Catholic University of America

Online Masters in Library Science ALA Online

Our Review of Washington DC Library Science Degree Programs

Catholic University of America's Master of Science in Library and Information Science

The Department of Library and Information Science offers a Master's degree in the same discipline. 36 total credit hours are needed for the full program and at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA is needed. Coursework is mostly asynchronous, which gives freedom to the student for accessing content, but there may be some synchronous requirements depending on the course.

30 of the 36 credit hours must be within topics of Library and Information Science. A comprehensive examination is required at the end of the program. Students may retake the exam once, but will not receive the Master's degree if they do not pass after the second attempt.

Students have the capability to complete their coursework on a full-time or part-time basis. They can take just one or two courses in one semester. There is availability in the fall, spring, and summer semester for many courses. All coursework must be completed in a span of four years.

Washington DC Librarian Career Options in Library Media

Over 1,200 librarians and media collections specialists are recognized by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2019. When blending together other local cities in the area, this brings the metropolitan area to over 4,300 workers recognized in the field. Those employed are the highest paid when compared to other states across the country.

Library of Congress

The District of Columbia is home to the Library of Congress, which is a nationally recognized library across three buildings at Capitol Hill. There are over 167 million items collected and stored at the Library of Congress, making it one of the largest libraries in the world. 3,105 workers are on staff at the Library of Congress according to a 2017 annual report.

Initial digitization efforts of its materials began in 1990 on physical media, but transitioned onto the internet through the American Memory project. A certain amount of items at the library are digitized annually with a specific budget set. At this time, around 10 percent of the library has digitized material, providing more opportunities to continue these efforts in the future.

District of Columbia Public Library

There are 26 different branches recognized in the District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL). This public library system was established in 1896 and has spread out to various buildings in many different neighborhoods. The central library is at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Library card distribution is given to select residents in nearby locations in Maryland and Virginia. Residents outside of the area qualify for free library cards if they work or pay taxes within the District of Columbia. If none of the qualifications are met, individuals may pay a fee for a library card.

District of Columbia Library Association

Improving library resources, services, and innovation is the goal for the District of Columbia Library Association (DCLA). Various events are available to help professionals improve their skills or network with others in the field. They also run the Battle of the Books program that aims to improve reading comprehension for middle school students (fourth and eighth grades).

This association handles various scholarships to improve employment in library and information science. The Ruth Fine Memorial Student Loan gives individuals an interest-free loan to apply toward their studies. A handful of awards are distributed annually to recognize community service, leadership, and professionalism.

Salary Estimates in DC

According to the BLS, the Washington DC metropolitan area (blending with Arlington and Alexandria) is the fourth-highest in the country with an annual mean wage of $84,630. This estimation is only lower than various locations throughout California, including San Francisco. Specific to DC itself, these estimates are at $87,250 annually.

Careers, Top Employers, Salary Information

Recent job postings for Library Science degree holders in Washington, DC

  • Archival Specialist for National Congress of American Indians – no salary listed
  • Library Associate II for Texas A&M University – salary $7.25 per hour
  • Librarian for FAR Government, Inc. – no salary listed
  • Reference Librarian for Highlight Technologies LLC – no salary listed
  • Multiple Librarian Positions GW Libraries and Academic Innovation for George Washington University, Foggy Bottom, DC- no salary listed
  • Information Literacy Librarian/Assistant Professor for the University of the District of Columbia – salary ranges for $42,974 to $60,000 per year
  • Archivist for US Department of the Navy – salary ranges from $72,030 to $112,240 per year
  • Information and Data Management Officer for Central Intelligence Agency – salary ranges from $59,983 to $126,062 per year
  • Archivist (Part-Time) for Bowie State University – salary $51,000 per year
  • Lead Librarian for US Department of Agriculture – salary ranges from $102,663 to $133,465 per year
  • Graduate Studies Program – Information and Data Management Officer for Central Intelligence Agency – salary $25.70 to $38.57 per hour
  • Undergraduate Internship/Co-op Program Information and Data Management Officer for Central Intelligence Agency – salary $20.75 to $26.43 per hour