School Program More Info
Syracuse University Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited ALA-accredited. Multiple professional pathways or specializations available. No GRE required to apply. Complete in as little as 18 months.
University of Denver Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
ALA Accredited ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required. Complete in as few as 21 months.
St. John's University Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited ALA Accredited, 24 months to complete. 4 specializations and 2 certificate options.
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At this time, the state of Idaho has no ALA accredited graduate programs in library and information studies. The University of Idaho offers select courses in library science that may be transferable to a different institution. Idaho residents may also look toward programs available in the nearby states of Washington and California.

Are There Online Library Science Degrees?

No online programs feature accreditation from the ALA or American Association of School Librarians (AASL). One institution provides an alternative option of completing a handful of library science courses to transfer. These courses are often core topics that are required in numerous accredited library science programs.

You might consider a featured online library science degree program below that is currently taking applications.

Idaho Library Science Degrees

One of the top accreditation organizations for library science is the American Library Association (ALA). Individuals looking for programs outside of Idaho will find dozens of graduate-level librarian degrees that blend teaching and technology topics. Many programs offer an online component for schedule flexibility and no need for a full commitment to study on campus. Click here to view the review of the best ALA accredited library science Masters degrees.

Boise is the largest city in Idaho with over 229,000 residents. Many library positions are available in this area through the public library system and at Boise State University. The University of Idaho is located in Moscow, which is well north of Boise and a much smaller location with over 26,000 residents.

List of the best campus-based and online CAEP, AASL, or ALA-Accredited library science degree programs in Idaho

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

College of Southern Idaho

Associate of Arts Degree in Library Science

University of Idaho

Independent Study with Library Science Courses

Consider a Sponsored Online Library Program Taking Applications

School Level Program
Syracuse University
Master Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply. School Media Specialization available.
University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required.
St. John's University
Master Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited. Complete in as little as 2 years.
University of West Alabama
Master Online Master of Education in Library Media
Develop knowledge and skills in school library media with our online library media specialist degree.
University of West Alabama
Doctorate Online Ed.D. Rural Education: Library Media
Explore the essential role of library media within rural schools and districts.
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Independent Study at the University of Idaho

The University of Idaho features independent study that is available online with open enrollment. These opportunities do not provide students with a degree, but they may be able to transfer their credit to a different institution. Many of these programs can be completed in just one year.

Library science courses are generally at the undergraduate level and may go toward a minor or a librarian endorsement. There are graduate-level equivalent options in the following courses: Libraries and their Collections, Reference and Information Services, Classification and Cataloging, and School Library Administration.

Typical Admission and Technical Requirements

For many Master's degrees in library science, students must hold an undergraduate degree with proper academic merit. Generally, this falls around the 3.0 GPA mark, but conditional admission may be considered for student candidates with other exceptional areas. Materials needed for application include letters of recommendation, personal statement, and professional resume.

A modern computer setup with high-speed internet access is recommended for the best online experience. Students can look at the university website they are applying to in order to determine if they have the right hardware and software for success. Technical requirements will vary based on the learning management system used and what specific courses require.

Career Options in Library Media in Idaho

Idaho has over 600 librarians and media collections specialists recognized by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics This is similar to other states in the northern region of the country, such as Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. Around half of the librarian positions can be found in the city of Boise.

Boise is Idaho’s largest city with over 229,000 residents, and that is nearly 100,000 more than the next-largest city in the state, Meridian. Boise is home to Boise State University, which provides many opportunities for library workers in the field. Other considerations include the four branches connected to the Boise Public Library and various school systems across the state.

Idaho Library Association

The goals of the Idaho Library Association (ILA) are to improve and promote library services across the state. Originally named Idaho State Library Association when formed in 1915, the “State” was dropped in 1962. Its headquarters are located in Boise.

Memberships help benefit the future of librarianship by funding scholarships and professional development workshops. There are opportunities to network with other professionals in the state or surrounding area. Membership is open to professionals, teachers, friends of these workers, or enthusiasts.

Salary Estimates in Idaho

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for librarians is at $47,248 annually. This is around the same estimates provided by the BLS, but it can jump to over $74,600 within the top 10 percent of earners. Higher-paid positions often require a Master’s degree with accreditation, which is designated in the job listing.

The Coeur d’Alene metropolitan area sees the highest averages when comparing specific locations in Idaho. The average worker in the area receives a salary of $58,140 annually. This is due to its close proximity to the Spokane metropolitan area in Washington.