Ohio Library Science Degrees

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School Program ALA Accredited?
Syracuse University Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply. Can be completed in 18 months.
Syracuse University Online MS in Library and Information Science: School Media Specialization
Optional specialization in School Media, No GRE required to apply. ALA-accredited.

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There is one school with ALA-accredited library science programs in Ohio. Kent State University offers a PhD in Library Science, Dual Degree, Graduate Certificate, and a Masters in Library Science. The Masters is offered online only. The PhD is available online and on-campus.

Kent State University is the exclusive school in the state of Ohio that holds accreditation from the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA accredited program offered is the Master of Library and Information Sciences (MLIS). This institution is located in the city of Kent, which has an estimated population of nearly 30,000 people.

Consider a Featured Online Library Program Taking Applications

School Level Program
Syracuse University
Master Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply.
University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science
ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required.
University of Washington
Master Online Master of Science in Information Management
Information School. Now offered full-time or part-time.
Arizona State University
Master Online Master of Arts in Education – Literacy Education
Teaches you how to design and teach literacy programs for diverse learners of all ages.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs
Master Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Management
Campbellsville University
Bachelor Bachelor's in Education (Multiple Areas of Focus)
100% online programs. Multiple areas of focus.

Overview of Finding Ohio Library Science Degrees

Some of the largest cities in the state of Ohio are Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. All of these cities provide numerous librarian jobs in universities and specialty areas. Featured locations include Ohio State University campus libraries and the Columbus Metropolitan Library public system.

The ALA designates graduate programs in library science that achieve high standards. This includes a reviewed curriculum that adequately prepares individuals for their profession with theory, principles, and practice. Becoming a licensed professional in a school setting in Ohio requires an MLIS degree with ALA accreditation.

Ohio State University and Wright State University previously offered Master's degrees in library science and media. These were recognized by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). Both universities still offer some educational programs that have been accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

List of the best campus-based and online CAEP, AASL, or ALA-Accredited library science degrees in Ohio

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

Kent State University

PhD in Library Science ALA Campus

Kent State University

PhD in Library Science ALA Online

Kent State University

Dual Degree ALA Campus

Kent State University

Graduate Certificate ALA Campus

Kent State University

Online Masters in Library Science ALA Online

Kent State University

Online Masters in Library Science ALA Online

Are There Online Library Science Degrees?

The only university to offer an online Master's degree in the discipline of library science is Kent State University. Coursework is available over the entire academic year in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. This program usually takes up to two years to complete depending on enrollment selection and amount of courses taken each semester.

KSU's online program is available to residents in other states outside of Ohio. For those looking at state licensure as a school librarian, they should review if the curriculum satisfies their specific requirements. This program is geared toward eventual professionals obtaining school librarian licensure in the state of Ohio.

Kent State University's Master of Library and Information Science

The College of Communication and Information offers the Master of Library and Information Science. This program prepares individuals for employment in various library settings or related positions in research and information management. An alternative option is to dual-degree with the Master of Business Administration for additional financial and managerial topics.

37 total credit hours are needed to complete the program, with all courses available 100 percent online. Foundational courses emphasize the landscape, organizational procedure, and research methods. Students select the rest of their studies in this discipline or these elective topics: health informatics, knowledge management, and user experience design.

Admission requirements for this program include holding a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 overall GPA. Those that fall lower than a 3.0 GPA should send GRE scores. Applicants should send an updated resume, personal essay, and three letters of recommendation.

Career Options in Library Media

Over 4,800 professionals are recognized as librarian and media collection specialists in Ohio according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Much of the employment equates the population of the area. For example, there are over 900 librarian positions in the cities of Columbus and Cleveland.

Enhancements are being made to digital access and available technology in public libraries. The Ohio Digital Library provides a collection of e-books and audiobooks that are downloaded by members. Job opportunities include maintaining and organizing distribution of these materials, and enhancing or going through the process of adding new content for members.

Requirements for Librarian Certification

In order to receive the Ohio Public Librarian certification, applicants must have an MLIS degree that is accredited by the ALA. This ensures that the individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance library services and organizational procedures. In addition, at least two years of professional experience is needed after receiving the Master’s degree.

For continuing to hold the state licensure, there needs to be 75 credit hours of continuing education completed every five years. This may be obtained at a university or through resources provided by a library association.

An alternative option is the Ohio Public Library Staff Certification. In lieu of a Master’s degree, applicants must have a high school diploma, 10 credit hours of continuing education, and two years of professional experience. This requires 50 credit hours of continuing education every five years.

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Based in Franklin County, there is the main library location and 22 other branches connected to the Columbus Metropolitan Library system. Important services include resources for individuals to complete GED courses, such as gaining basic computer and application skills to improve employment opportunities. For younger members, there are programs that emphasize reading and special content clubs.

Jobs within the library include director, digital archiving of older material, collection management, and more. Volunteer opportunities may lead to networking opportunities or further employment at one or multiple branches. On the opposite end, there are resources at the library to help individuals land their ideal career.

Ohio Library Council

The Ohio Library Council (OLC) is the main state librarian organization that is headquartered in Columbus. They offer various publications to improve administration and accounting services for public libraries in the state. In addition, they host various conferences and events, and recognize excellence in literature on an annual basis.

Memberships for the OLC is open for staff members at a library or students pursuing librarianship. Self-employed individuals that provide a service, and those that are retired from librarianship, are also accepted as members. Each new calendar year is a full membership year with dues decreasing over the period that an individual joins.

Salary Estimates in Ohio

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of librarians in the state are $53,640 annually. This estimate is on par with the countrywide average and is similar to nearby states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. Higher figures, such as the top 10 percent represented at $80,880 annually, are commonly found in bigger cities at the managerial or director level.

Careers, Top Employers, Salary Information

Recent job postings for Library Science degree holders in Ohio

  • Librarian for Walsh Jesuit High School – no salary listed
  • System Operator for INTRALOT INC – no salary listed
  • Computer Operator for Intralot – excellent pay with shift differential
  • Librarian for Akron Public Schools – no salary listed
  • Representative for Library/School Division for SpaceBound – salary is negotiable and commensurate with Midwest cost of living scale and experience
  • Assistant Director for Tuscarawas County Public Library – salary is $50,000 per year