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East Central University Master of Education in Library Media
100% online program.
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There are multiple schools in the state of Oklahoma that offer library science programs at the graduate level. The University of Oklahoma and East Central University provide Master's degree with an accreditation from the American Library Association (ALA). Other institutions with programs to consider include Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma.

Are There Online Library Science Degrees in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are multiple online library science degrees in Oklahoma. Five different universities offer an accredited program in library work, including school librarianship and library media. This offers plenty of flexibility in studying graduate-level education across the state of Oklahoma. Some programs offer a varying level of courses online with full-time or part-time enrollment.

Multiple options for a campus based library science degree in Oklahoma

Locations where these universities are located include Norman and Stillwater, which are two cities in the top 10 most populated areas of Oklahoma. Norman is the third-largest city with over 126,000 residents. Oklahoma City is the top city with around 670,000 people and hosts the Health Sciences Center through the University of Oklahoma.

List of the best campus-based and online CAEP, AASL, or ALA-Accredited library science degree programs in Oklahoma

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

East Central University

Master's: Library Media Specialist CAEP Campus

Northeastern State University

Master's: Library Media Specialist CAEP Campus

Oklahoma State University

Masters School Library Media Specialist CAEP Campus

University of Central Oklahoma

Masters: Instructional Media CAEP Campus

University of Oklahoma

Bachelors in Library Science Campus

University of Oklahoma

Bachelors in Library Science Online

University of Oklahoma

PhD in Library Science Campus

University of Oklahoma

PhD in Library Science Online

University of Oklahoma

Dual Degree ALA Campus

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University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
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St. John's University
Master Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
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University of West Alabama
Master Online Master of Education in Library Media
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Doctorate Online Ed.D. Rural Education: Library Media
Explore the essential role of library media within rural schools and districts.
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Oklahoma Library Science Degrees

Tulsa is one of the top locations in Oklahoma to find librarian jobs at the academic and specialty level. Top universities in the city include the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University (and their Center or Health Sciences), and Oral Roberts University. Over 402,000 residents live in Tulsa, which is the second-highest population of all cities in the state.

Those interested in becoming school librarians should look at schools with accreditation from the ALA or American Association of School Librarians (AASL). In addition to a degree, individuals need a teaching license and pass a teacher certification test through the Oklahoma Department of Education (more info here). There are dozens of universities to consider across the state of Oklahoma in addition to numerous public and private school systems at the elementary and secondary level.

In Depth Review of Online Library Science Degrees in Oklahoma

When reviewing programs, prospective students should confirm if all concentrations and electives are available online. In many cases, core content that is required for all students may be completed in an online format. Core subjects may account for around three to six courses in the program.

Individuals should also consider the technology requirements needed to successfully pursue the online program. Typical requirements include having a modern desktop or laptop computer with a Windows or Mac operating system. Some mobile devices may be compatible with the university's learning management system, but not all course content is accessible.

University of Oklahoma's Master of Library and Information Studies

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Master's degree in library science available at the Norman campus and completely online. Pathways to finish the program include writing a thesis, passing a comprehensive exam, or developing an e-portfolio that demonstrates skills and knowledge. Start times are available in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

36 total credit hours are needed to complete the degree, which spans across 12 courses. Course topics within the program include information technology, research methods, and how to manage information sources. For admission consideration, applicants must send official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

East Central University's Master of Education in Library Media

This Master's degree has an emphasis in library media certification, preparing individuals for school librarianship positions. Library media education emphasizes curriculum development and collection management. All coursework is available online with distribution in eight-week modules. Most students complete the program over two years.

32 total credit hours are needed to fulfill all curriculum requirements. Students may transfer up to nine credit hours into the program if accepted. Topics in the curriculum blend librarianship and technology, such as research techniques, library administration, and multimedia technology.

Oklahoma State University's Master of Science in School Library Media

The College of Education and Human Sciences offers the Master of Science in Education technology. There is an emphasis in school librarianship with topics in computer applications, library networks and databases, and digital games. Students that already hold a Master's degree may consider just pursuing the School Library Certification.

OSU utilizes the Canvas learning management system for course distribution. Varying modules for courses are available in 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 16 weeks. Through the online format, students may complete courses on their own time and typically within a time frame of 18 months to 2 years.

University of Central Oklahoma's Master of Education in Library Media Education

The Jackson College of Graduate Studies offers a Master's degree in a hybrid format with online coursework. 24 credit hours are dedicated to library media content for preparation of the Oklahoma specialist exam .Even though most of the delivery is online, students are required to meet on campus for the majority of their classes.

Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout to stay in the program. Only six total credit hours can have a C grade within their studies. At least 12 credit hours must be completed at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Northeastern State University's Master of Science in Library Media and Information Technology

This library science Master's degree is distributed completely online or in a hybrid format through the Broken Arrow campus location. Students meet for the physical courses during evening hours once per month in each course. A standalone School Library Media Specialist certification is also available for those that already have a Master's degree and teaching license.

33 total credit hours are needed for the full Master's degree and 23 credit hours for the certification. Specific topics that are pursued in library media include administration, collection development, and professional networking. An internship in a library setting the student is considering for their profession is required.

Career Options in Library Media

Over 1,850 librarian workers and media collections specialist are represented in the state of Oklahoma according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of this employment is concentrated in the northeastern portion of the state where the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metropolitan areas are located. There are many institutions in this area, including the University of Central Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries maintains the Digital Prairie, and electronic library resource available to the public. Newspapers, posters, audio and visual items, and many other documents are available for digital preservation of the history of Oklahoma. SHAREOK is a joint digital depository of items through a connection of multiple institutions, including the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

Metropolitan Library System

Oklahoma City and surrounding suburbs have access to the Metropolitan Library System. Over 5.8 million items are circulated across 19 different branches in the area. Many of these locations offer technical services to benefit their community and digital distribution of various books, magazines, and more.

Various programs and events are available through the library. Book clubs and take-home kits give students and adults the ability to craft their own poems, learn a new subject, or take part in conversation. These services provide an ability for the community to expand on what they have learned and help improve their society.

Oklahoma Library Association

Formed in 1907, the Oklahoma Library Association (OLA) has a purpose of expanding and promoting librarian services across the state. Individuals that are library workers are associated with the library system are encouraged to join and provide their committed support to improve the profession. Between 500 to 600 members are recognized in the OLA.

The OLA sponsors the Sequoyah Book Award, a long-established achievement system to award the best children’s books in honor of the local Native American leader. They also provide scholarships to improve candidates at high levels in librarianship and advocates for their community. Workshops help professionals build on skills to improve their communication with patrons or obtain higher positions at their place of work.

Salary Estimates in Oklahoma

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for librarians in the state of Oklahoma is approximately $48,580. This is also close to the statewide average estimated by the BLS in May of 2020. When looking at the entire country, these averages are lower than the United States’ mean annual wage of around $63,500.

The highest salaries are in the Tulsa metropolitan area, set at $56,570. This can jump up to $84,200 within the top 10 percent of earners. Higher earners are generally represented among director and managerial roles along with professionals with years of experience.

Careers, Top Employers, Salary Information

Recent job postings for Library Science degree holders in Oklahoma

  • Adult Services Librarian for Eastern Oklahoma Library System – salary $38,890 per year
  • Library Aid for US Department of the Air Force – salary ranges from $7.25 to $10.00
  • Library Clerk for GEO Corrections & Detentions (A GEO Company) – salary $10.00 per hour
  • Digital Scholarship Librarian for the University of Oklahoma – no salary listed
  • CAMI Library Tech (Word Processor III) AMCD for Information Services Consulting, Inc – no salary listed