School Program More Info
Syracuse University Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited ALA-accredited. Multiple professional pathways or specializations available. No GRE required to apply. Complete in as little as 18 months.
University of Denver Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
ALA Accredited ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required. Complete in as few as 21 months.
St. John's University Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited ALA Accredited, 24 months to complete. 4 specializations and 2 certificate options.
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The American Library Association (ALA) reviews and accredits Master's degrees that focus on library science. At this time, there are no programs offered at universities in the state of Utah with this accreditation (as of mid-2023). Prospective students may consider library science degree programs in Arizona or Colorado library science degrees, or an online program with minimal or zero visits.

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Utah Library Science Degrees

Students may find graduate-level programs of this type under the disciplines of Librarianship, Library Science, or Library and Information Studies. Holding this degree ensures that the graduate has received proper skills in research methods, information organization, and trends in literature of various ages. This education is often completed in one to two years depending on prior educational experience and enrollment.

As an alternative, a Master's degree in education and/or leadership with a Masters degree with a specialization in school librarianship is also acceptable. These programs are generally accredited by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). Individuals looking to become a school librarian will often need a teacher's license and pass specific exam credentials.

List of the best campus-based and online CAEP, AASL, or ALA-Accredited library science degree programs in Utah

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

Utah State University

School Library Media Administration Endorsement Campus

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School Level Program
Syracuse University
Master Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply. School Media Specialization available.
University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required.
St. John's University
Master Online M.S. in Library and Information Science
ALA Accredited. Complete in as little as 2 years.
University of West Alabama
Master Online Master of Education in Library Media
Develop knowledge and skills in school library media with our online library media specialist degree.
University of West Alabama
Doctorate Online Ed.D. Rural Education: Library Media
Explore the essential role of library media within rural schools and districts.
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Are there online library science degrees with a campus in Utah?

Along with no accredited programs in library science, there are no online opportunities to pursue the discipline in Utah. Students may consider ALA-accredited programs at a different institution, such as the University of Denver in Colorado and the University of Arizona in Arizona. Both of these schools also have online equivalents to their on-campus education.

There is a Master of Library Science program offered through Emporia State University at the Salt Lake City campus. This is a 36-credit hour program with accreditation from the ALA and is distributed in a hybrid format. The main campus for this institution is based in Emporia, Kansas.

Online education is usually available in areas where technical requirements have been met. For example, residents in the state of Utah may consider programs that offered at institutions along the East Coast of the country. Students should note the different state requirements for teaching and school librarian certification.

Many online programs require certain technological requirements, including high-speed internet access and modern hardware. Either the Windows or Mac operating system is required or recommended in order to access all course content. In some cases, students may be able to use their mobile device to access some course content or on-demand lectures.

Admission for a Master's degree often requires the completion of an undergraduate program with high academic achievement. In lieu of a high GPA requirement, the institution may evaluate test scores or other documentation that is sent in with the application. Some required application items may include letters of recommendation or a personal statement detailing accomplishments and goals.

Utah Librarian Career Options in Library Media

Utah has the equivalent amount of librarian and media collections specialists employed of its surrounding states. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 1,500 workers in the librarian field across the state. The only surrounding state that has more representation in the librarian field is Colorado.

Salt Lake City is the largest city in the state of Utah with over 200,000 residents. Of those, around 600 workers are represented as library workers. This metropolitan area, combined with the Provo-Orem area, are home to two-thirds of the librarianship field. Around 215,000 people reside in these two cities combined.

Library Licensure in Utah

For many high-level positions in a public library setting, individuals must hold a Master’s degree in library science. The alternative is going through the Utah Public Library Institute for Training (UPLIFT). This program offers certification and continuing education in a number of core subjects, including collection development, library administration, and technology.

School library licensure initially requires a teaching license. It is recommended that students have some higher education in education and/or librarianship. This is for preparation to pass the Praxis II Library Media Specialist exam, which requires a score of 141 or higher to pass.

BYU Library

The Harold B. Lee Library is a valuable resource for students enrolled at Brigham Young University. This is the main library on campus in Provo with over 372,000 items in circulation. Over 370 workers are estimated on staff for library work and administration duties.

Added in the late 1990s, the library has been committed to digital preservation of the university’s history. The goal is to ensure that all documentation is accessible and meets all requirements that have been set. Material that is digitally archived include photos, office records, and educational content.

Librarian Salary Estimates in Utah

According to PayScale, the average salary for librarians in Salt Lake City, Utah, is estimated at $43,265. When adding in total pay, such as bonuses and additional money for experience, this can jump to around $54,000 annually. Typically, the pathway beyond the traditional librarian is to become a director or manager at a university or public branch.