Wyoming Library Science Degrees

At this time, there are no accredited library science programs in the state of Wyoming from the American Library Association (ALA). Surrounding states that offer ALA-accredited library science programs include Colorado and Nebraska. Even more opportunities exist beyond the region with dozens of accredited programs distributed online.

The Wyoming Department of Education requires a teaching license to gain licensure as a school librarian. Individuals looking to go into elementary school must pass the Praxis II Library Media Specialist exam. At the secondary level, they need to pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching exam.

Are There Online Library Science Degrees in Wyoming?

At this time, there are no online library science degrees in the state of Wyoming that are geared toward library science. Other neighboring states do not have this capability either, such as Montana and Idaho. Online opportunities may be found in nearby states like Colorado, or many other locations across the country without visit requirements.

Consider a Featured Online Library Program Taking Applications

School Level Program
Syracuse University
Master Online MS in Library and Information Science
ALA-accredited. No GRE required to apply.
University of Denver
Master Master of Library and Information Science
ALA-Accredited, No GRE Required.
University of Washington
Master Online Master of Science in Information Management
Information School. Now offered full-time or part-time.

Alternative States for Library Science Degrees

In Colorado, the University of Denver and University of Colorado are available online. Courses are distributed through the institution's learning management system (LMS). Access to a desktop or laptop computer is generally required with high-speed internet access and a compatible web browser.

Admission into a graduate-level library science program requires an undergraduate background. Applicants must submit proof of their education through unofficial or official transcripts. In addition, there is a common 3.0 or higher GPA requirement to be considered.

Other items needed in the application process often include multiple letters of recommendation, personal statement, and updated resume. Letters of recommendation should be reserved to established professionals in library. A personal statement will often have a specific word count for students to focus on their experience.

Career Options in Library Media

Approximately 450 librarians and media collections specialists are recognized by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in Wyoming. This is similar to many surrounding states, including Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota. Opposite of that region, there is higher employment in Colorado and Nebraska.

The largest cities in Wyoming are Cheyenne and Casper, which offer a handful of positions. Laramie, which is near Cheyenne, is home to the University of Wyoming, one of the larger academic institutions in the state. Many positions are also available within the western half of the state in rural areas.

More Featured Online Programs to Consider

School Level Program
Arizona State University
Master Online Master of Arts in Education – Literacy Education
Teaches you how to design and teach literacy programs for diverse learners of all ages.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs
Master Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Management
Campbellsville University
Bachelor Bachelor's in Education (Multiple Areas of Focus)
100% online programs. Multiple areas of focus.
Concordia University - Saint Paul
Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Child Development
Complete program in as few as 2 years.
Purdue University
Master Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Educational Technology Concentration
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Master Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology
George Mason University
Master MS Learning Design & Technology
Complete in as little as 2 years

Wyoming Library Association

Improving technological services, promoting the librarian profession, and advocating for improved legislature involving libraries in the state are all recognized by the Wyoming Library Association (WLA). Goals are to provide access to all residents while protecting their privacy and intellectual freedom. The WLA runs an annual conference that brings together professionals for networking and career building.

Awards are distributed to specific librarians and organizations to showcase the top services and advancement of librarianship in the state. Various book awards are also given to exceptional literature at various age groups. The Wyoming Library Leadership Institute focuses on developing and promoting leaders and managers in any library setting.

Salary Estimates in Wyoming

The annual mean wage for librarians in Wyoming is estimated at $51,760. Like employment rates, this is similar to nearby states. Higher salaries are generally found in the eastern half of Wyoming, and the Cheyenne metropolitan area sees an average salary of $55,780 annually.